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EAI International Conference on Wearables in Healthcare

June 14–15, 2016 | Budapest, Hungary


FINAL PROGRAM, June 14th + 15th


14th June


8:30-8:50             Registration

8:50-9:00             Opening remarks

9:00-09:45           Keynote: “Telehealthcare for long-term conditions: hopes, hype and reality” (Hilary Pinock, University of Edinburgh)

09:45-10:30   Technical session 1 (Chair: Frank Hopfgartner)

Use Moving Average Filter to Reduce Noises in Wearable PPG during Continuous Monitoring Chen, Yan; Li, Dan; Li, Yanhai; Ma, Xiaoyuan; Wei, Jianming  "Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pudong Shanghai, China."    (30 min)

Effective Prognosis using Wireless Multi-Sensors for Remote Healthcare Service Pathinarupothi, RahulKrishnan; Rangan, Ekanath (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amrita University, India) (15 min)

10:30-11:00        Coffee Break

11:00–12:30       Technical session 2 (Chair: Huiru Zheng)

Qualitative Study of Surgeons Using a Wearable Personal Assistant in Surgeries & Ward Rounds Jalaliniya, Shahram; Pederson, Thomas  (IT University of Copenhagen) (30 min)

A Multi-Agent Approach to Assist with Dressing in a Smart Environment Orr, Claire; Nugent, Chris; Wang, Haiying; Zheng, Huiru (Ulster University) (15 min)             

APT: Enhanced Speech Comprehension through Adaptive Pitch Transposition in Cochlear Implants Struwe, Kevin (University of Rostock, Institute of Applied Microelectronics and Computer Engineering) (15 min)

A wireless sensor-based system for self-tracking activity levels among manual wheelchair users Grillon, Alexandre; Perez-Uribe, Andres; Satizabal, Hector (Institute for Information and Communication Technologies IICT, HEIG-VD, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO)); Gantel, Laurent; Da Silva Andrade, David; Upegui, Andres  (Institute on Information Technologies InIT, Hepia Geneva, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO)); Degache, Francis (University of Health Sciences, HESAV, Lausanne, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO)) (30 min)          


12:30-13:30        Lunch

13:30-14:15        Keynote: “The Promise of Lifelogging as an Assistive Technology” (Cathal Gurrin, Dublin City University)


14:15-15:00        Technical session 3 (Chair: Cathal Gurrin)


Non Invasive Detection of Coronary Artery Disease using PCG and PPG Banerjee, Rohan; Dutta Choudhury, Anirban; Datta, Shreyasi; Pal, Arpan (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.); Mandana, KayapandaMuthana (Fortis Hospital, Kolkata, India) (30 min)

Detection and assessment of behaviours associated with the risk of obesity in adolescents Velickovski, Filip;  Orte, Silvia; Sola, Marc (Eurecat, Barcelona, Spain); Tabozzi, SarahA. (IBFM-CNR, Segrate, Milano, Italy); Lafortuna, ClaudioL. (IBFM-CNR, Segrate, Milano, Italy)       (15 min)

15:00-15:30        Coffee Break


15:30-17:30        Technical session 4 (Chair: Cathal Gurrin)


Towards Stress Detection in Real-Life Scenarios using Wearable Sensors: Normalization Factor to Reduce Variability in Stress Physiology Lamichhane, Bishal; Grossekathoefer, Ulf; Schiavone, Giuseppina; Casale, Pierluigi (Holst Center/imec) (30 min)

Personalized characterization of sustained attention/vigilance in healthy children Pradhapan, Paruthi (Holst centre/imec); Clerx, Marcel (SAM Foundation); Griffioen, Richard (SAM Foundation); Mihajlovic, Vojkan (Holst centre/imec) (30 min)

Increasing Quality of Life Awareness with Life-logging Zini, Floriano (University of Bologna); Reinstadler, Martin ; Ricci, Francesco (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano) (30 min) 

SPW-1: A Low-Maintenance Wearable Activity Tracker for Residential Monitoring and Healthcare Applications Fafoutis, Xenofon (University of Bristol); Janko, Balazs (University of Reading);  Mellios, Evangelos; Hilton, Geoffrey (University of Bristol); Sherratt, R. Simon (University of Reading); Piechocki, Robert (University of Bristol); Craddock, Ian (University of Bristol) (30 min)


17:30-18:00        Closing remarks


15th June

8:30-8:50             Registration

8:50-9:00             Opening remarks

9:00-10:30           Keynote speakers eHealth Summit

10:30-11:00        Coffee Break

11:00–12:30       TUTORIAL : Bioinformatics Knowledge Modeling Framework (Morcous M. Yassa Massoud, Cairo University)

12:30-13:30        Lunch

13:30-15:00        Technical session 5 (Chair: Frank Hopfgartner)


 Inertial Sensor Based Modelling of Human Activity Classes: Feature Extraction and Multi-sensor Data Fusion using Machine Learning Algorithms Zebin, Tahmina; Scully, PatriciaJ.; Ozanyan, KrikorB. (University of Manchester) (30 min)

Questioning the Reflection Paradigm in Diabetes Mobile Apps Katz, Dmitri (Open University);  Dalton, NickSheep (University North Umbria); O'Kane, Aisling (University College London); Price, Blaine Alexander (Open University) (30 min)

Questioning classic patient classification techniques in gait rehabilitation: insights from wearable haptic technology Georgiou, Theodoros; Holland, Simon; van der Linden, Janet (The Open University); Donaldson, Glenis (Manchester Metropolitan University) (30 min)

15:00-15:30        Coffee Break

15:30 – 16:15     Technical session 6 (Chair: Frank Hopfgartner)

Stress detection using smart phone data Kostopoulos, Panagiotis; Kyritsis, Athanasios; Deriaz, Michel; Konstantas, Dimitri (University of Geneva)  (30 min)

SenseCare: Using Affective Computing to Manage and Care for the Emotional Wellbeing of Older People Bond, Raymond; Zheng, Huiru; Wang, Haiying; Mulvenna, MauriceD.; McAllister, Patrick (University of Ulster); Delaney, Kieran; Walsh, Paul ; Keary, Alphonsus (Cork Institute of Technology);  Riestra, Rubén; Guaylupo, Sabina (Inmark Group); Hemmje, Matthias; Becker, Jana (Research Institute for Telecommunication and Cooperation (FTK)); Engel, Felix (Fernuni Hagen) (15 min)