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Levitra: Vardenafil an phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor for treating erectile dysfunction

What is Levitra? Levitra and Viagra

Levitra has very similar effects to that of Viagra, but Levitra was developed more recently. Even though Viagra is the grandfather of erectile dysfunction drugs, but Levitra is much more effective and have effects that are much milder. Unlike Viagra, Levitra is able to maintain its effectiveness even with the consumption of alcohol and fatty foods. Levitra takes effect after about 40-60 minutes after consumption and last for about 4-5 hours.

Levitra in Australia 

Levitra is highly effective from the very first use and is very safe to use

Similar to all erectile dysfunction drugs, men who are in good health are able to take Levitra with no problem. Older men may want to consider taking a lower dosage. Levitra also works for men whom suffer from diabetes and other diseases that would normally reduce the effectiveness of drugs similar to this one. As mentioned, diabetics may have a positive experience taking Levitra, rather men who have suffered from a heart attack or stroke may need to consult a medical professional before taking Levitra. Along with some medical conditions not mixing well with Levitra, some other drugs do not mix well with Levitra either and may warrant unwanted side effects. Drugs that contain nitrates, such as blood pressure drugs and heart regulating medications cannot be combine with Levitra as unwanted side effects may occur or even worse results. Also, some antibiotics and antidepressants may cause an interaction and the use of Levitra should be delayed when on these types of medications to avoid unwanted effects.


Even though alcohol and fatty foods may be consumed while taking Levitra there are some other foods that are not a good combination with the drug. Grapefruit juice and other juices that contain grapefruit are not recommended when taking Levitra as the absorption rate into the blood may be affected. Large amounts of foods of any type prior to taking Levitra may interfere with the response of the drug. A slower response may be experienced due to absorption rate in the body. Lastly, alcohol consumption is okay with moderation. A large amounts of alcohol being consumed with the drug can be contradicting to the effect of the drug. Excess alcohol decreases blood pressure and subsequently interfere with the drug’s effectiveness.

Aside from the effectiveness and the side effects of the Levitra

Obtaining the drug has become easier for men everywhere. Australia brings an ease in obtaining Levitra. Men may order and obtain the drug is a very discreet manner. The quantity of the drug is not limited to a certain amount like most prescription based erectile dysfunction drugs. The most popular way to obtain the drug from Australia is through online pharmacies. These online pharmacies are growing and give the same perks to everyone as local Australians have with obtaining erectile dysfunction drugs.

Australia offer the cheapest price for Levitra

So not only does Australia provide easy access to erectile dysfunction drug but they are also very affordable. The cost is normally configured per tablet and larger quantities allow for lower pricing to be offered per tablet. Tablets can be purchased as low as 10 cents with a sufficient quantity request.

10 thoughts on “Levitra: Vardenafil an phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor for treating erectile dysfunction

  1. Levitra has it’s pros and cons. It takes 60 minutes to start working whereas Viagra will take from 30-60 minutes. Levitra also has less common side affects, on that note. I believe Levitra to be a better first choice because of the lack of side affects.

  2. After taking a nominal dose of 20 mg, I was able to regain my sexual function and it was just in time for my girlfriend’s birthday. I was able to satisfy her thanks to my secret weapon, Levitra.

  3. My partner and i have been having some struggles recently, and then I started taking Levitra and it has turned my life around. We now have the best personal times together and i cant imagine my life without levitra.

  4. I am a 47 year old quadriplegic that has tried all the major erectile dysfunction medicines and 20 mg Levitra works the best for me. I usually take it about 45 minutes before sex for the best results.

  5. I’ve had problems sexually for a few months now ( 65 year old male) After taking levitra for 3 weeks I can say my sexual function has return 75%. Overall, no side effects and pretty happy with the results.

  6. I have just started taking Levitra. I felt it start to work in about 2 hours. I did not have any headaches thank god. I do think the mg that I am on is kind of low so I will see my doctor about raining the mg for me the next time that I go to the doctor.

  7. 71 years old; Have been taking for 10 years; use 10 mg, take it 45 minutes after eating; love it – full and hard erections with stimulation – every time; some flushing of face and mild indigestion.
    I used 10mg Levitra for the first time. Felt it starting to work after about 1 hour. Certainly fuller and wider but not longer but still couldn’t come. No headaches . Tiny bit of face flushing but did have 1 large glass of white wine to relax before initiating anything. Think if I had taken 20 mg it would have done the trick as 10mg too weak for me and much better than viagra or Cialis. Will definitely use again but 20mg next time
    I took the 20 mg dosage. I was able to get about a 50% erection. However, I got hives mainly on the backs of my upper legs and the back of my head.

  8. I took 20 mg and wow what a different it made in my erection. I noticed i was fuller harder and lasted much , much longer. I would recommand Levitra because it works wonders

  9. This has not worked as well as other medicine has for treating my boyfriends erectile dysfunction. It does help him get hard but it’s an effort and doesn’t last very long. There are also slight side effects that just aren’t worth it.

  10. Levitra 10mg is a film coated medicine used as a cure of erectile dysfunction. It is proven to be working good in 71 year old men. Prescribed to take it after 45 minutes after food. 20mg is good for people who have less erection maybe like 50%.

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